The Shrine of Lourdes in Litchfield

A Ministry of the Montfort Missionaries

Memorial Gift Options

Financial Memorial Donation

A donation in memory of a living or deceased person of any financial value. Can be made by sending a check or making a PayPal transaction. These donations appear on our website (unless otherwise requested)

Mass Intention

Celebrate the memory of a loved one by having a Mass said for them. Mass Intentions can be arranged by calling the Shrine office or filling out an intention slip. A donation of any amount is fine. Mass stipends typically range between $10 & $20 per Mass Intention.

Shrine Dedicated Park Bench

A new park bench to be placed on the grounds of the Shrine. Park benches can be dedicated to a living or deceased person. People will be remembered with a memorial plaque placed on the bench. Suggested Donation: $500


The vestments which the priest wears at Mass can be dedicated to the memory of a loved one. A person’s name will be sewn into the vestment and remembered as the priest vests for Mass. Donation Suggestion: $200 – $1000.


The vessel designed to hold the consecrated Eucharistic bread. Ciboria can be dedicated to both the living and deceased in memory. The name of the person will be inscribed on the Ciborium. Suggested Donation: $300 – $1000.

Restoration Projects

Donations on behalf of a living or deceased person enables the continued upkeep and care needed for the many elements of the Shrine. This donation is remembered with a memorial plaque which will be displayed on completion of restoration.

Call to discuss specific projects.