Can you make a donation to the Shrine?

One of the side effects of keeping people safe and helping to stop the spread of the corona virus is that our contributions are down. We recognize that many of you are also experiencing the financial impact of the corona virus. But if you are able, any donation, no matter how small, would be a great help to the Shrine.
Thanks for considering this.

Fr. Don


The Shrine Grounds remain open for private prayer … everyday but NOT on Good Friday

For those of you who live nearby, the grounds of the Shrine are still open for private prayer.  We do urge that, if you come during this time of the coronavirus, you maintain proper social distancing for your own protection and the protection of others.

However, we regretfully have to close the grounds completely on Good Friday.  We are doing this because normally we get crowds of visitors on Good Friday, and it will be difficult to maintain conditions that will keep people healthy.  Consequently, the entrance will be blocked on that day.  The grounds will be open on all other days.

As we continue our journey through Lent, let us be united in our prayer for one another.


In light of the coronavirus, public daily Masses and Sunday Masses are cancelled until further notice. However, the Montfort Missionaries will celebrate Mass on line every day except Monday.

Here is the link to today’s Mass for Tuesday, March 31st:

We will try to post the daily Mass video by 9:30 a.m. each day.

Another way to access the daily Mass video is to go to: and then in the Search box, write: Lourdes in Litchfield Montfort House.

The Gift Shop is closed until further notice

To find out if AA or Al-Anon meetings will continue, contact other members of those groups.



Save the Dates


There will be no communal anointing of the sick until further notice. If you have a serious need to be anointed, call us at 860 567-1041 and we will arrange for an individual anointing.

Since we will be celebrating Holy Week and Easter separately, with the continuation of social distancing, we will be preparing resources for you to celebrate Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter at home.  Stay tuned.

Take care of yourselves.  Stay safe.
We continue to pray for you every day.
Fr. Don

Due to the coronavirus, the Gift Shop is closed until further notice.

The phone number for the gift shop is:860 567-0891.





Come to a place in the wooded hills of northwest Connecticut,
under a canopy of trees,
by a stream of flowing water,
to a place of peace and prayer,
dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

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